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Parents to receive CAASPP testing results over the summer

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Sunnyvale School District’s third through eighth graders participated in the California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress testing program (CAASPP) from April 20 through May 29.

The new assessment system, which replaces the previous California Standards Test, has been adopted to test the new California Common Core Standards.

The CAASPP score report is expected to come out in July and will include results for the Smarter Balanced English Language Arts and Mathematics results. There will also be a comparison of each child’s results to the overall average results in that child’s grade level from last year’s Smarter Balance Field Test.

Parents will also be able to find a further breakdown of student performance in both English Language Arts/Literacy and Math with performance levels ranging from above standard to below standard.

The test scores will most likely go down for all students in the state because these standards require a deeper understanding of the content and the ability to apply it than the former California State Standards. The dip is normal and expected when new tests are implemented.

Previously students were ranked with a score that fell between 150 to 600 points. The new Smarter Balance Assessment results will range between 2,000 to 3,000 points. The Standard Not Met performance level falls between 2201-2441. Standard Nearly Met lies between 2442-2501. The range for Standard Met is 2502-2581 and Standard Exceeded is 2582-2701.

CAASPP will provide a new starting point for individual student achievement, against which future results will be compared. The 2015 CAASPP results will not be used for school or district accountability. Rather the report parents will receive for their students is for their own knowledge and will be used by schools and teachers to determine how they can better meet the needs of their students under the Common Core Standards.

For more information visit the Parent/Student tab of the California Department of Education CAASPP webpage at

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