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Peek into Preschools

Our preschool day is full of learning opportunities and has a mix of play-based, student-led, and teacher-directed lessons and activities. Preschool includes an arrival routine where children learn independence in putting away items and washing their hands before choosing a center activity. Children engage in center-based exploration learning areas, including dramatic play, art, blocks, math, literacy, and science. After cleaning up, children transition to circle time, which typically includes songs and stories, practicing pre-academic skills, and building community. After lining up, it is off to the playground where they practice turn-taking and develop their motor skills. A structured small group activity or project comes next and focuses on developing each child’s skills in everything from fine motor, counting, sorting, and number and letter recognition. Afterward, children join the closing circle time and get ready for the dismissal routine. It is a busy learning day! Through their daily play, preschoolers learn and develop skills such as self-regulation, problem-solving, expressing themselves, and building peer relationships.

Our preschool program is available to 3 and 4-year-old children of income-eligible families. Please visit our website for more information!

kids working on transportation words

Article submitted by Stacy Equibel, Preschool Manager.

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