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Proactive testing finds SSD drinking water lead free

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Sunnyvale School District’s schools joined 1,200 other schools statewide in voluntarily testing the quality of its water as lead-contaminated water receives increasing national attention as a public health concern.

The District participated in a new program offered by the State Water Resources Control Board and the California Department of Education that provides schools with free testing of their on-campus drinking water.

The SSD Operations Department worked with the City of Sunnyvale to do the testing in the spring. More than 50 samples were taken from all 10 schools. Samples were collected from school kitchens, health offices, staff rooms, and outside drinking fountains. All results for the District to date have shown no traces of lead in the water.

According to the state water board, as of July 2017 a total of 1,201 schools have requested lead sampling. There are approximately 13,000 K-12 schools in California. About 116 schools in Santa Clara County have requested testing or submitted results, including Sunnyvale School District schools.

“We take the safety and well-being of our students seriously and appreciated working with the city on this initiative,” said District Chief Operations Officer Rob Smiley.

For answers to frequently asked questions about lead testing in schools please visit:

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