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September is Attendance Awareness Month

As we start the new school year, please remember that families are essential partners in promoting good attendance. You have the bottom-line responsibility for making sure your children get to school every day. Just like academic performance, you have a responsibility to set expectations for good attendance and to monitor your children’s absences so that missed days don’t add up to academic trouble. We realize that with the ongoing Pandemic this will add additional challenges. However, through good communication and working together we can be sure students are present when they are well and stay home when they are not well. We trust that you will be our partner to ensure students continue to complete school work, read daily, and have opportunities to use their communication skills at home.

The Parent Handouts found below (English & Spanish) outlines strategies including:

  • Make it a top priority to get your children to school on time every day.
  • Alert schools and community agencies to any barriers that keep your children from attending class.
  • Ask for and monitor data on chronic absence.
  • Help us address barriers that may be causing large numbers of students to miss too much school.

Preschool Parent Handout

(English & Spanish)

Elementary School Parent Handout

(English & Spanish)

Middle School Parent Handout

(English & Spanish)

Bringing Attendance Home:



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