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SSD first through fifth graders return to in person Future Chefs Culinary Competition

Six Sunnyvale School District elementary students competed on April 29 in Sodexo’s Future Chefs Challenge. The national initiative aims to get students thinking about making healthy food choices while encouraging them to get active and creative in the kitchen!

Sunnyvale School District joined several districts across the country in the competition. Judges included Superintendent Gallagher, Assistant Superintendent Jeremy Nishihara, Vargas teacher Sheena Jacobson, SSD Chief Business Officer Lori van Gogh, and SSD Communication Coordinator Alia Wilson.

Congratulations to Josephine Lee of Vargas who finished first place for our district! Her winning recipe was featured on the menu at her school for a day so everyone could try her delicious Yogurt Salad! And she won a set of pots and pans!

Congratulations also to the other competitors Oswin Hawking, a third-grader at Cumberland Elementary with his “Hearty Eggs” recipe; Nayra Gupta, a second-grader at Ellis Elementary, for her Salad in Train with Cat Driver recipe; Xavier Davila, a fourth-grader at Lakewood for his Paddington’s Marvelous Marmalade Sandwich with very very Yogurt Parfait; and Shreey Kekre, fourth-grader at Cherry Chase for her Thai Red Curry with Shrimp recipe.

And our youngest competitor this year was first-grader Nicole Fileva representing San Miguel Elementary with her zucchini waffles recipe!

The talent of our Future Chefs is truly impressive! We look forward to seeing more from our young cooks next year!










Check out their recipes here:

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