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SSD to implement new Transportation Software to streamline registration and notification

Transportation update

The 2023-24 school year has been the inaugural year of the Home-To-School-Transportation (HTST) Plan implementation.  

The highlights have been:  

  • Active outreach to families of students who qualify for transportation based on Board Policy  
  • A formal registration process for HTST services  
  • The start of collecting and analyzing data on how HTST impacts our students  
  • An overall increase in student ridership

To better serve our students, we have hired an additional driver and created two new routes for a total of 6. Our HTST fleet consists of eight full-size buses; four electric-powered and four Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) powered.  Thanks to the work of our team we received approval from the Bay Area Air Quality Management District’s grant program, which will replace two of our older CNG buses with two new electric buses.

In our ongoing efforts to continue to improve the transportation program, we are implementing a new software that will bring significant enhancements. These changes will streamline the registration processes, improve notification systems for families eligible for transportation, and contribute to the overall efficiency of our transportation services.

Here are some key features of the upcoming changes:

  1. Streamlined Registration Processes: The new software will introduce a user-friendly and efficient registration process. This enhancement aims to simplify the steps involved in registering for transportation services, ensuring a smoother experience for our families.
  2. Improved Notification Processes: Families qualifying for transportation services can look forward to better notification processes. The software will enable us to communicate more effectively, ensuring timely and accurate information reaches those who rely on our transportation services.

Targeted Timeline:

  • June 2024: On-boarding of the new HTST software will be complete
  • June 2024: Registration emails will be sent to families, marking the beginning of the registration process.
  • Following Months: We will continue to keep you informed about further developments and milestones as we progress with the implementation.

We are committed to making these changes with a focus on the convenience and satisfaction of our families. Our goal is to provide a transportation system that aligns with the high standards we set for our district. Thank you for your ongoing support as we work towards making Sunnyvale School District’s HTST one of the best. 

Article submitted by Brandt Burns, Director of Facilities and Operations Sunnyvale School District.

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