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Starting Arts brings Vargas artwork to LinkedIn

A rebel princess, a resourceful droid, a legendary Wookiee, and a fearless pilot were just some of the characters Vargas Elementary students depicted in colorful watercolor portraits that were framed and hung in an art installation in the Sunnyvale corporate offices of LinkedIn in October thanks to a partnership with Starting Arts.

The organization teamed up with LinkedIn for its Creativity for Life Corporate Partnership program, which pairs Silicon Valley companies with local schools to work on creative projects.

The 8-week program, evaluated what each Star Wars character had as their special “force”. They listed attributes like brave, funny, smart, etc. they then reflected upon what they felt was their special traits and picked a character they felt was similar to themselves.

The program culminated in an exciting meet and greet for all students and their families to see their beautiful artwork on the walls of the new LinkedIn building on West Maude Avenue, which is decorated entirely in the theme of Star Wars.

The goal of the program is to guide students to see, early on, that design and imagination are integral parts of almost any career they choose.

Article written by Starting Arts and District Communications Coordinator Alia Wilson.


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