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Students with learning differences practice public speaking skills with state reports

Students of Ms. Margaret DeLoach at Cumberland Elementary presented their state reports to a fifth-grade class and the school’s other Special Day Class in February.  And, they did it in pajamas for a special spirit day.

Five students did reports, each at their own level.  The fourth graders reported on California, the fifth graders chose their state after reading about every state in the U.S.  Students were given lists of the items they needed to research for their state, all the usual state facts plus three things they thought were especially interesting.

“This was the third time this year that we have invited general education students to see our reports,” DeLoach said. “Earlier this school year we presented Native American reports and dioramas to 5th graders. Just after the holiday break, we read our book reviews to kindergartners.”

She added her classes do some sort of presentations to a wider audience several times a year, which allow her students to feel that their work has merit, is authentic, and is interesting.

“I think what my students learned this year was the joy of performance, getting up in front of a group of their same age peers and showing off what their work and what they know,” DeLoach said.

Article written by SPED teacher Margaret DeLoach and SSD Communications Coordinator Alia Wilson.

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