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Sunnyvale Education Foundation gift promotes Inclusion


Sunnyvale Education Foundation (SEF) aims to promote student learning by providing grants for field trips, assemblies, arts and music, and more. As part of its work, the all-volunteer group donated brand-new books to every school library in the district.  The books were chosen for their theme focus on Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI). 

JEDI-themed books are important for students. Students see themselves reflected in the books’ characters, or increase empathy and awareness when they learn about characters whose lives and cultures are different from their own. The experience helps support a positive and inclusive school climate and celebrates the diverse cultures and perspectives students bring to the district.

SEF partnered with Sunnyvale Rotary to fund the books, which were intended to help students realize that, whoever they are, they belong here in the Sunnyvale School District.

SEF also donated a Poetry Grant, for Poetry Month this April. The District ordered 90 new poetry books from Leigh’s Favorite Books, for its school libraries. A poetry walk was also created for each school, where students could explore different kinds of poetry!

Our students also created Haiku poems on paper leaves that were displayed at the Sunnyvale Public Library, near the children’s department!

Thank you to SEF, Sunnyvale Public Library, and our District Librarian and school library resource specialists for creating this opportunity for our students!

To learn more about SEF and its work, visit

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