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Sunnyvale School District Board of Education Updates

The following is a summary of actions taken by the Sunnyvale School District Board at the June, July, and August meetings.

June 4:

  • Discussed and held a public hearing for the 2020-2021 Proposed Adoption Budget

June 18:

  • Approved an Amendment to Resolution No. 20-22 Local Agreement for Child Development Services
  • Entered an Agreement with LPA, Inc. to Provide Facilities Master Plan and Educational Specifications services
  • Approved Resolution No. 20-23 2020-2021 Interfund Borrowing
  • Approved Resolution No. 20-24 2019-2020 Education Protection Account
  • Adopted the 2020-2021 Budget
  • Approved the 2020 COVID-19 Operations Written Report
  • Approved Resolution No. 20-25 in Support of Digital Access and Inclusion
  • Adopted the District Equity Statement:
    • In Sunnyvale School District, Equity is Learning without Limits:
      • Discovering together the individual needs that each student requires to thrive.
      • Working together to give more to those who need more – when they need it.
      • Empowering all learners by providing a tailored education, support, access and opportunities so they reach their full, unique potential. 

June 20 (Special Board Meeting):

  • Held a Governance Team Retreat and Team Building session. Nicole Anderson from Nicole Anderson and Associates Consulting, LLC. Facilitated a discussion around developing an Equity Action Plan with Dr. Michael Gallagher and the Board of Education.

June 25 (Special Board Meeting):

  • Review and Discussion of School Reopening Plan

July 8 (Special Board Meeting):

  • Approval of Change in the 2020-2021 Board Meeting Schedule

July 30 (Special Board Meeting):

  • Approval of 2020-2021 Back to School Plan
  • Approval of Resolution 21-03; In the Matter of Grading During Emergency School Campus Closures
  • Resolution No. 21-02; In the Matter of Signature Authority for Sunnyvale School District
  • Approval of Contract with Lenovo (United States) Inc. for the Purchase of Computer Equipment and Management Services for Distance Learning

August 12:

  • Approved Resolution 21-01: Black Lives Matter with the amendment to add the following statement: “BE IT RESOLVED, that the Sunnyvale School District will confront the biases in our own school district and actively engage in the challenging work of dismantling the problematic practices that are limiting the opportunities for our Black and Brown students.”
  • Approved Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between El Camino Healthcare District (“District”), and Sunnyvale School District (“School District”) re: COVID-19 services for free non-mandatory testing of School District employees.

August 27:

  • Discussion on the Equity Action Plan

The next Board of Education meeting is September 3, 2020.

Board of Education meetings are generally scheduled at 7 p.m. on the first and third Thursday of the month and are held via Zoom during the shelter-in-place. Recordings of Board Meetings may now be found on YouTube.

The Board of Education is the elected governing body of the SSD. Its five members serve four-year terms and are elected by Sunnyvale residents. Learn more about the members, and view their meeting schedule, agendas, and minutes at https:/

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