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Sunnyvale School District Offers Transitional Kindergarten this Fall


Did you know the entry date for kindergarten has changed in California? Beginning this year, children must be 5-years-old by November 1st (rather than December 2nd) to enroll in kindergarten. However, incoming students with November birth dates will still attend school. They will be enrolled as “Transitional Kindergarteners”. Over the next two years, the entry date for kindergarten will be rolled back to September 1st so that by Fall 2014, students born in September, October or November will participate in Transitional Kindergarten.

So how is the Transitional Kindergarten (TK) program designed? First, all TK students will be integrated into existing “traditional” kindergarten classrooms at their schools. Secondly, teachers will instruct all students in developmentally appropriate ways to best meet the curricular needs of each child. And, TK students will attend the full day alongside their kindergarten classmates. Finally, in the Spring of 2013, a kindergarten review process will take place where parents, with advice from the teacher and principal, will decide whether their TK child will go into traditional Kindergarten or first grade the following year.

In August, kindergarten teachers in the district received special training (Kindergarten Institute) on designing programs within their classrooms to meet the needs of their Kindergarten and TK students. Teachers will provide a developmentally appropriate learning environment that is not only academically strong, but engaging and fun. The goal is to be effective for the diverse range of TKs and Kindergarteners who walk through the classroom doors.

Contributor: Claire Castagna, Assistant Superintendent, Curriculum, Instruction, Assessment

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I noticed Lakewood Elementary is not listed at the top of the newsletter. Does Lakewood have transitional kinder? My son will be 5 Nov 10, 2013.

Yes, all Sunnyvale School District Elementary Schools will offer transitional kindergarten.

I just want to know when and where can I register my son for the transitional kindergarten, he is turning 5 this coming May 2013. what are the requirments I need to bring? do I need to register online or I have to do it in person.

Thank you very much

Hi Nestor, I have forwarded your request to the District Office for a direct reply.

If my daughter is turning 5 nov.29,2014. I have been told through ellis that she can reg for tk this fall. BUT have been told by other parents there kids were turned away due to cutoff date. So my question is can she start tk ths 2014-2015 school yr? Should i or can i reg her?

My son turns five on oct.13. How and when can I register him for TK????

Hi, my child will turn 5 in dec4, is she eligible for tk 2014 -15?. And she is very eager to go to school.we are new here.and it would b great if I get any info on this, thank u.

My son is turning 5yrs by sep2 he eligible for kindergarten? or I have to join him in transitional kindergarten?
If I have to join him in TK Which schools have transitional kindergarten
Pls let me know. I’m living in Santa Clara 95051

Hi my son is born on Dec 8, does it qualify for TK?

Hello, Lizzie,

A child is eligible for TK if they have their fifth birthday between September 2 and December 2. You may be eligible to attend preschool in our district, however. Preschool is tuition-free, and sessions are open to children three to five years of age. For more information, please call 408.522.8213 Ext. 2039. You may also want to explore options at either California Young World (CYW) or Child Development Centers (CDC) that have locations at our schools. For information on CYW, call 408-245-7285. CDC can be reached at 408-556-7300. Best regards.

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