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Sunnyvale Schools Rank Top Ten in County Sumdog Math Contest


An exciting new online Sumdog Math Contest was held on March 15-21 for all K-8 grade students in Santa Clara County. Sunnyvale School District students took part by playing the free multiplayer math games on the Sumdog website. On this website students answered math questions. They only needed to play for about an hour in total to get a competitive score. These online math games adapted to each student’s level of knowledge and skill, giving everyone participating a fair chance to accumulate a great score. Students also had a lot of fun practicing their math facts during this contest!

Winning categories included daily winners, the top 10 students, and the top 10 schools. San Miguel Elementary School ranked number 10 out of the 35 participating schools. The overall school scores are the average number of correct answers out of the students at that school. At least 15 students from the school must have played in order to get an average score. Congratulations, San Miguel!!

A big congratulations also goes out to Fairwood Elementary School’s 4th grade students, Alex and Theodora Marston (and yes, they are twins!), who ranked in the top 10 out of 2,553 students countywide! Alex came in 2nd with a score of 986 and Theodora came in 4th with a score of 981. This was Alex’s second time in the top ten countywide. Principal, Sarah Tellez, was very excited to hear the news and stated, “Sumdog is a great way for students to practice their math skills while having fun. I try to encourage all of our students to participate in the contests, and I’m so proud of Alex and Theodora.”

Alex and Theodora have participated in Sumdog contests all year, and they’ve developed a strategy for doing well in the contests. They check each answer on paper before they submit it to make sure it’s correct, and practice the hard questions before they start. They enjoy the fact that they can play against each other, and their classmates as well. Alex’s advice for those who would like to do well, “Practice hard, try your best and believe that you can get the answers right.” Theodora adds, “Do the training, and check on the ones that you’re not very good at, not the easy ones!”

In total, the students answered an outstanding 676,573 questions correctly out of 783,259 questions during this contest! You can find out which schools participated in the Sumdog Math Contest countywide, along with all the winners and their scores, by going to:


Theodora and Alex with their teacher Mr. Gabent.


Article by Deborah Dodge

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