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Superintendent’s Message: December 2021

Impossible as it seems, the year 2022 is already on the horizon. I can genuinely look toward the new year with hope and excitement.

When I began in the superintendent’s role, I believed we had a strong team of teachers and staff and a supportive community but never dreamed of the circumstances that would ultimately put that belief to the test. Fortunately, in the 22 months since the pandemic began, that belief has been affirmed and reaffirmed.

As the pandemic has evolved, our response has evolved along with it, bringing new schedules, protocols, and academic and social-emotional challenges. Our teachers and staff have consistently risen to the occasion and have truly elevated the status of their chosen profession.  Respect for the teaching profession has never been higher, and rightly so.

I have seen a community of families, individuals, and organizations flexing as needed to adapt to changing circumstances and stepping up to help wherever it has been needed.  Our community has shown that it will never fail to put children’s safety, well-being, and learning first.

As a result of our community’s focused efforts, our students are continuing to demonstrate their abilities, enthusiasm, and resilience, while growing and learning in accordance with our district objectives. It is affirming to know that our guiding principles of equity, high-quality teaching and instruction, flexibility, and safety helped us set a navigable and effective course, even through these unusual times.  And it is a pleasure to see our children thrive!

So as 2021 draws to a close, I am grateful for all we have accomplished together, and I am confident that we can overcome any challenges that lie ahead, whatever they may be, in the name of service to our children.

I wish you a wonderful new year.


Michael Gallagher, Ed.D.


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