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Superintendent’s Message: March 2022

Dear Friends,

As we emerge from the pandemic, the value and importance of community are more evident than ever.  We are interconnected; that which impacts one of us ultimately impacts us all. Teachers know how important it is to actively build classroom communities each fall and to nurture them throughout the year. While educators once focused solely on traditional academic subjects, our role has appropriately evolved to include subject matter and skills that will prepare children to be active global citizens. This focus on the importance of community will serve our students well as they engage in larger neighborhoods, national, and even international communities as they move through their lives.

In our District, we deliver lessons designed to give children the knowledge, skills, confidence, and desire to shape their world and our shared future.  We are fortunate to have a diverse student population — students can learn directly from their friends about their cultures, perspectives, and traditions. This learning and diversity help bring to life the lessons we deliver that foster inclusion in the classroom and help children to develop a broader worldview.

It is a pleasure to see our students learning to employ the skills of critical thinking, communication, collaboration, creativity, and citizenship that we teach — right along with the analytical and critical thinking processes they use to master traditional subjects. As they learn to work collaboratively with others in their school community today, we catch a glimpse of how they will contribute to the world tomorrow.

We are delighted to be a part of their journey.


Michael Gallagher


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