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Vargas students leave their mark; advocate for a Beautified Shed

It all started with a brilliant idea from students. Back in the fall, Vargas Principal Armstrong and Assistant Principal Matsuyama received a letter from Ms. Alvarado’s 3rd graders. Their windows face a large shed and they thought, “Wouldn’t it be nice to decorate the shed so we have a nice piece of artwork to look at?” They used their voices and their letter writing skills, and put their “brilliant idea” into action! With approval from the District Office, the artistic vision of Ms. Rebecca, the flexibility of all our teachers, and the excitement from our students and support staff, we created a masterpiece! It took just one day of rotating all classes through, and we were able to paint a beautiful handprint rainbow for everyone to admire. This was a valuable lesson on using your voice, the power of putting an idea into action, and student advocacy. It was important for us to see it through, and we are so proud of our students!

Article submitted by Assisted Principal Vivian Matsuyama

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