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Virtual Library Cards connect 1,700 Sunnyvale middle schoolers with digital content

Where there’s a will there’s a way, and between Sunnyvale’s school and city librarians, anything is possible. Having shelter in place due to the pandemic turned everyone’s lives upside and forced many of us to rethink how we go about our daily activities. The library was no different. How can patrons continue to access the variety of resources the library has to offer, particularly its younger patrons? To ensure that students still have access, Sunnyvale School District has partnered with the Sunnyvale Public Library to provide digital content library cards to 1,700 6th-8th grade students starting in March. This is a tremendous opportunity to increase access to digital books and educational resources for Sunnyvale students.

The virtual library card allows students to access all digital content available on the Sunnyvale Public Library website such as:

  • E-books
  • Audiobooks
  • Streaming video
  • Research and learning resources
  • Databases including Biographies, History, Encyclopedia, and other General Resources
  • Magazines

“Sunnyvale School District strongly believes in the educational value of library resources and recognizes the potential of such to support the curriculum and student learning in the district,” said Sunnyvale School District Library and Media Coach Rachel Bross.

Sunnyvale School District and the Sunnyvale Library share the common interest of serving our students and because of that we have and will continue to partner to find new ways to bring resources to our students. From partnering on a branch library to serve the north side of Sunnyvale, to providing digital library cards to students, we are proud to serve our community.

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